Individual Coaching

We understand that in today’s job market a person seeking employment needs more than a newspaper ad or a search engine’s listings to land a job that will bring personal reward and satisfaction.  A trained and caring professional who understands the contemporary job market and the associated challenges in navigating the terrain is here to help you seek possibilities.  The coach will be your guide, supporter and cheerleader in a one-on-one personal setting, where the conversation is about you; the champion!


Job Clubs

Career Connecting Conversations for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our Job Clubs are “small’ group settings to encourage, support and foster building relationships.  Each week, for a period of four consecutive weeks; we will brainstorm around specific topics of job search, and you decide what topics we discuss.  All you need to do to join this club is call, register and BE THERE; committed and ready to participate.  It’s that simple!  Not only that, but it’s a great time to meet others, share ideas, job leads, challenges and best of all CONNECTIONS!  According to some experts, “job clubs are currently the most effective way to find employment”.  We’ll have the refreshments – you bring the relevant conversation.  More information coming about registration, day and time.  The cost for registration is $20.00 – that’s all!  The $20.00 will cover any handouts, materials and refreshments.


Workshop Facilitation

Perhaps you have a location and group of people you’d like for the coach to come to; youth, middle-aged or seniors. Plus, we also facilitate business, not-for-profits retreats, conferences, and debrief sessions. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and for you.  Tell us your interest, give us a thirty (30) day notice and we will customize the request for your listening audience.  A list of our specialties can be made available or provide us your training material and we do the rest.


Resume Critique and Development

We have a unique team of résumé writers – are they certified résumé writers? Just darn good career coaches, listeners and writers.  We coach you to help us fill in the blanks, and help you get to know you better for stronger marketability.  We ask questions and lots of them.  It’s not about pretty on paper; it’s about preparedness to tell – your story; nobody can tell it like YOU and we’re here to help do just that—–Communicate your story, “your who and your do” and at a fraction of what others charge.

Employee Coaching & Organizational Development

While statistical data reports turnover and unemployment rates have slightly declined since 2011, it is still a critical and economical factor that businesses cannot underestimate.  Remarkably today, the greatest asset to any company is its human resources – the people, customers, shareholders, employees, workers, personnel, and staff…no matter what we’re called, it’s important to understand and maintain a stable workforce within your organization.  We encourage businesses to employ coaching as a technique to influence, empower and encourage their existing talent to perform at peak levels no matter what circumstances drag them into the pitfalls of being unproductive. Save –time, resources, and your organization from further impediments of unemployment cost by hiring an employee coach; establish an environment where people, operations, and profits are constantly developed.  We work with the individual to help them identify and correct any performance deficits.

Workforce Development Contractual Services

Contact us for your workforce development needs; a holistic approach to increasing economic, community stability and pathways to success.  We conduct and support an array of job preparedness training, job search strategies training, coaching, mentoring, employability and social equality skills training, performance management and retention training, staff development, and technical assistance training.